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Orange County Recreation Center Program

We have a program at Fort Gatlin Tennis Center to provide free tennis instruction for the children in the Fun Club, Sports Club and Afterschool programs sponsored by Orange County. In 2019, this program will allow us to service over 100 youths in our community.

This effort is funded by grants from the USTA Foundation and USTA Florida, as well as time donations from CFTMA and Orange County staff.

This program includes two additional components:

Financial Education and Literacy – Provided through Iberia Bank as a community service effort.

Nutritional Education – Provided by HEBNI Nutrition.


Tennis is Elementary Program

The Tennis Is Elementary Program (TIE) is an after-school program designed for elementary students in grades K-6. The program is conducted at each school’s gym, cafeteria, or multipurpose room by using the USTA 10 and Under Tennis format which includes foam or low-compression balls, smaller racquets and a reduced court size. Through a grant from the USTA Foundation, in 2019, we are sponsoring 25 students at Kaley/Lake Cuomo and 30 students at Conway.

Equipment for this program is provided by a donation from the USTA Florida Section Foundation.

Donations To This Program are Welcome


Donations To This Program are Welcome



Posh Rock Pathway Program

The Posh Rock Pathway Program is a scholarship-based program, meant to provide a path for promising youth in our community to grow and succeed through tennis and education. All students who participate in either the Orange County Recreation Center Program or the Tennis is Elementary Program are eligible to be considered for these scholarships.

Students who exhibit the traits and characteristics the Posh Rock Tennis Foundation seek to encourage may receive a scholarship to participate in our developmental programming.

As the student continues to grow, they will be evaluated and advanced through the levels of the path, as follows: