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Shelly LicorishSecretary and Director


Accomplished and respected professional with more than fifteen (15) years of experience in organizing community activities and events that showcase tennis. Success-oriented individual who sees challenges as opportunities with a performance record in developing solutions that deliver results. Self-motivated leader, adept at managing projects and supervising people in technologically advanced, fast-paced and detail-oriented environments. Demonstrated event results with high participation through grassroots marketing. Effective communicator who relates well to diverse groups of people at all levels within an organization.


=> Lead and manage on-court demonstrations and Kids Days at Pro Circuit events, US Open Series and US Open
=> Develop and implement tactical plans for all projects and programs.
=> Lead and manage events and combined media budgets totaling $500,000.
=> Worked cross functionally with section staff to devise and organize community activities during two Davis Cup ties and one Fed Cup tie. Managed over 250 participants and volunteers.
=> Planned and executed over 200 special events promoting tennis through the Florida Section’s Diversity Initiatives to maximize key strategies, and enhance the company’s image in the community.
=> Collaborated and created cross functional team engagement with the Collegiate and Schools departments to enhance the quality of the HBCU Championships.
=> Developed an on-line application to streamline the grant process for all D & I grants.
=> Developed a matrix to track all high performance grant recipients to report on improved rankings that occurred as a result of receiving D & I Player Development grants.


United States Tennis Association – National Campus 7/2016 – Present

Manager, Tennis Events
Lead and assist with on-court demonstrations. Core strategies to this mission center around creating a positive first time experience in conjunction with coordinated follow up and tennis programs. Integrating this through the entire Youth Tennis strategy, including major events.
=> Manage on-court demonstrations and events amongst the different areas of Community Tennis (Youth and Adult Tennis).
=> Conduct on-court training programs, develop and update curriculum materials, overseeing equipment support and creating greater awareness of programs nationwide.
=> Assist with the promotion of national programs aimed a local deliverers across the country.
=> Manage the aligning of program strategies, developing and distributing resources to provide support for communities and agencies.

Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion

=> Manage and support D & I Section staff workshop and training: Secure speakers, lead onsite logistics, oversee registration process and execute all contracts.
=> Coordinate logistical support and preparations for D & I events at the US Open series.
=> Lead logistical support for Business Resource Groups at the USTA National Campus: meeting preparation, coordinate reservations, live streams and catering.
=> Manage the meeting preparations for the Annual and Semi Annual Meetings for the D & I Department.
=> Co-facilitate Cross-Cultural Dexterity Trainings.
=> Managed the roll out of: Engaging & Growing Diverse Markets: An Application Tool Kit. Soliciting users from internal and external customers.

United States Tennis Association – Florida Section 12/2001 – 7/2016

Community Coordinator

=> Led and managed the growth of USTA community tennis programs in Central Florida.
=> Leveraged community event sponsorships activation with diverse community groups and organizations.
=> Worked with relevant partners to organize and conduct Kids Days and Schools Clinics in support of coaches/pros, athletes, administrators and other targeted groups.
=> Developed and managed a range of partnerships with diverse organizations that focus on community development to organize Family Play Zones that featured tennis at their premier events.
=> Delivered in-person coaches trainings to schools, Public Facilities and Community Tennis Associations.
=>Provided advice, guidance and consultation to partners and stakeholders such as counties, cities, Parks & Recreation departments, governing sport bodies, sports clubs, community groups, and private tennis clubs in the areas of developing a tennis pathway.
=> Worked with Community Tennis Organizations to develop a strategy to promote their programs.
=> Monitored and assessed development programs and initiatives for deliverers and administrators to provide the necessary support and ensure the continued delivery of high quality sport.

Diversity & Inclusion and National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) Coordinator 12/2003 – 12/2012

Developed and implemented the 5-Year Diversity Strategic plan which began with a grant from the National organization and adopted by the Board of the Florida Section to implement Diversity programs throughout Florida. This plan was utilized by several other sections in the US.
=> Facilitated USTA Diversity & Inclusion Multicultural Grants: Individual Players & Program Excellence.
=> Facilitated the selection of coaches and program leaders for Diversity & Inclusion Stipends: Tennis Teachers Conference & Tennis Development Workshops.
=> Facilitated the selection of NJTL Essay participants.
Adult Competition Coordinator 12/2001 – 12/2003
=> Coordinated and administered local and sectional adult tournaments including database maintenance.
=> Organized training seminars and special events.

Learning & Leadership – Trainer

Delivered training seminars on Diversity & Inclusion

United States Tennis Association – Eastern Section 1/1998 – 12/2001

Regional Director

Promoted and developed the growth of tennis with government and non-profit organizations in New Jersey and New York
=> Developed and created various Tennis Programs including new USTA League district which increased participation by 16%.
=> Developed Community Tennis Associations and National Junior Tennis & Learning Chapters.
=> Presented Tennis Programs at various educational conferences.

Adult Coordinator

=> Designed and maintained database for the USTA tournament schedule.
=> Increased the number of NTRP tournaments by 12%.
=> Increased the number of sectional events for women by 20%, resulting in a 10% increase in ranked players.
=> Administered local and sectional adult tournaments, coordinated the Regional and Sectional Championships.



MS in Organizational Behavior, December 1992. Cum Laude graduate


B.Sc., Industrial Engineering, 1981. Cum Laude graduate – student athlete 4 years